Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heidi Donovan's "Be Strong Be True Be You"

I met this fabulous business woman through Liz White. Heidi is the owner of a really incredible company called "BE STRONG BE TRUE BE YOU" Her shirts have wearable messages of inspiration and fun and promote "AUTHENTIC SELF" and she is one of the local artisans displaying at Mason and Madison. Heidi came to me with such passion and love for her product but was in need of some branding....I was thrilled when she like my designs enough to ask me to create a new logo for her. One meeting and a few samples later we had a winner.
I was completely honored when Heidi asked me to design an anchor for a new shirt design she was thinking of. From the beginning I have always believed that my best designs are created from the inspiration and vision of a clients request. It is an unbelievable feeling as a designer to see a piece of your artwork on a shirt and it's even better when the owner of the company picks that shirt to represent herself and her company at the recent Grand Opening of Mason and Madison. So to my new friend and INSPIRATIONAL GURU HEIDI I look forward to many future projects.


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