Friday, March 20, 2009

She's 50 and Fabulous!

This client was hosting a Birthday Party for her sister's 50th. She wanted glitter and liked the colors lime and blue, the rest was up to me. I am lucky enough to know the birthday girl therefore I knew she defined the term "Fifty and Fabulous" add a beautiful cake with polka-dots and you have a simple but so unique party invite.
I was thrilled when one of her friends who received the invite called and asked me to make a matching "Happy Birthday" card with the glittered cake on it and a heartfelt message from all her friends printed inside. Then after the party I received a call from the Birthday Girl herself, letting me know how much she loved her invitations and card. So much so that she ordered matching thank you notes with the now famous glittered cake. I have said this before...but I do consider it an honor to be a part of peoples life moments!


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