Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reason to Give

I just wanted to share some really good news........a few months ago I met with Natasha Bansfield owner of Natasha Bansfield Events and Bella Sera Bridal owners Heidi Nicholson and Lisa Almeida. It was a rainy Friday in July in what was suppose to be just a meeting about networking turned into something far greater than any of us could have imagine. That afternoon Reason to Give was born in just four short months we are ready to launch our first project.......a North Shore Wedding Giveaway to a deserving couple!

In a time when there are a lot of people struggling as well as businesses what better way to bring everyone together than with a wedding. One of the most incredible moments of this project was to see the number of vendors that jumped on board at the very early stages simply because they too had a Reason to Give.

If you yourself have a Reason to Give, you can do it by sharing this news with your friends and family. You can go onto facebook and become a member of reason2give or maybe you know someone that deserves a free wedding, you can nominate them starting November 1st just go to!