Friday, June 24, 2011

Destination ARUBA....Save The Date

For this save the date design I actually have Facebook to thank for it, Kristin went to middle school with one of my high school friends and the day the friend request was accepted Kristin was able to see one of my blog postings prompting her to email me. I think everyone can agree that the world just got a whole lot smaller thanks to Facebook.

I met with Kristin and her mom in January to start the design process, the minute I heard she was getting married on a beach that actually had flamingos on it I knew we would be using a flamingo somewhere! Kristen wanted her save the dates to be fun which is why we chose to use the flamingo and of course glitter it too!  We went with a stunning matte blue card stock for the backer, actually named Aruba then used a white linen card stock for the invite and envelope. It made sense to use a flat 4x5 card because a good amount of her save the dates would be going to Canada and Scottland, postage is based on weight by keeping it lighter helps to keep the cost to mail it more reasonable. This job also signified another first for's the first time one of my designs would be sent internationally..........really starting to feel like a big kid now!

When it came time to build the flamingo I actually went to the website of the wedding location, I wanted to make sure the flamingo I designed was 100% accurate. I used two colors of glitter for the flamingo, clear for the wing and black for the beak. We continued the use of the flamingo on the return address and for the custom stamps. I LOVE this design it totally works and sets the tone for a truly fabulous upcoming wedding:) Next up, the wedding invitations........stay tuned!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I had the pleasure of first meeting Eileen and her mom Elizabeth at the Wedding Workshop a few months ago and was so excited when she called me to design Save The Dates for her upcoming wedding taking place in Ireland. Eileen showed up with her vision in hand........a Celtic Knot, she wanted this to be the jumping off point. The Celtic Knot is such a beautiful symbol to use, it represents a constant connection without ever breaking which is exactly what marriage is suppose to be. I was able to see pictures of the church where Eileen and Daniel would be getting married........the front doors to this Church are so beautiful and just fit seamlessly with Eileen's vision. Her color palette of deep eggplant and soft green complete the whole look of a wedding taking place in Ireland. We chose a 5x5 twist card in Amethyst with a stunning soft shimmery green envelope called Serpentine. The text was a combination of two colors of ink printed on a textured cream card stock called Magnolia.

I wanted the design to have an old world feel of Ireland to it which is why I choose to use a vintage elegant frame with scrolls, to continue the feel of Ireland I used a font called Keltic. Eileen wanted her Save The Date to have a little bit of sparkle so clear glitter was applied to the Celtic Knot which darkened it just a bit.  Most people think an envelope is just used to hold the invitation but who says that you can't make your guests addresses a part of your design.....I LOVE using the outside of an envelope to give a peak of what's inside. When you send invitations you want your guests to have a sense of anticipation, by including their names into your design really gives them the feeling that they matter.  I say this all the's the little details....those are what will make your event go from nice to extraordinary.

Eileen mailed her Save The dates last week I was extra excited because this is the first time one of my designs was going "Down Under"......I received an email from her last night saying everyone LOVED THEM and how the design has inspired a future tattoo.......which is a first for me. Next up..........are the Wedding Invitations looking forward to another laughter filled design session with Eileen, Elizabeth and the FAMOUS Shirl.........can't wait:)