Monday, January 18, 2010

A hint of spring..........

I LOVE New England and honestly can not imagine living anywhere else but when it comes to our four lovely seasons winter is my least favorite but I am willing to put up with it because Spring, Summer and Fall make it all worth while. I could not have been happier when Laurie of Noteworthy Papers called with a request for a NEW ad design that would run in Kearsarge Magazine's Spring issue. I was so excited that for a few hours I could escape this cold and unforgiving winter and just think SPRING! I love this ad and more importantly Laurie did too!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Custom at it's BEST

Let me start by saying Happy New Year to all!

I had the pleasure of working with a client who was in need of some very custom invitations. The challenge was she was in charge of 12 different parties but not everyone is invited to each of the twelve parties.........which basically means I needed to come up with a design solution for this that was one-of-a-kind yet functional. Another challenge was she needed all different quantities for each of the three designs as well as all the inserts from 10 to 50 to 120 I was able to micro customize every bit of this project.
All the parties would take place in Naples Florida, at a hotel on the beach. Not every design needs artwork but I thought the simplicity of the sand dollar mixed with the elegant card stocks was a perfect match. Designing for twelve different parties all at once was even a bit overwhelming for me but I must say I embraced the challenge and I was so please with the end result.

There were three different parts to this project, first was a pocket enclosure invite that had a main invitation plus three insert invitations all which were inserted into a mailable box tied with ribbon and a coordinating custom address label for each guest. This is shown below as an electronic sample however, this doesn't even begin to capture the elegant card stocks that were used. To appreciate this design you really need to see it in person.

The second design was the largest, I came up with a custom enclosure invitation that opened up to have a main center invitation but also contained two custom built pockets on either side to hold 8 different invites 4 to each side, which worked out perfect because not everyone would receive all the inserts therefore you could put how ever many was needed in either of the pockets. This invite closed up to the perfect size of 6x9. I made a two layer custom button with the sand dollar on it and finished it with just a touch of glitter. Below are the electronic samples which again can not come close to how elegant and unique this invite was.

The third component was needed for guests that may not have received the above two invites but were still coming to say 1, 5, or 8 of the parties. The first challenge was coming up with a design that would work with all the different inserts from the above invitation. I decided an envelofold in black linen would be perfect. The interior had a backing card stock of belize which gave a nice look because some of the invites were different sizes and I did not want them just floating against black, this design also had a belize envelope with a black linen envelope liner.