Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lobster Bake Bridal Shower

I can't think of a better way to close out the summer then with a blog about a recent bridal shower I designed invitations for. You couldn't have picked a more beautiful evening to sit on the deck at The Ipswich Country Club over looking their perfectly manicured golf course. This bridal shower was anything thing but typical but after knowing and working with MOB Lisa I would expect nothing less. Lisa and Kate's bridesmaids put so much thought and effort into planning her bridal shower which is evident by the attention to detail shown here.

While meeting with Kate and Lisa to discuss the invitation they both fell in love with the lobster used on a recent wedding invitation. I wanted the design to be different so I created a lemon and placed it between the lobsters claws so that it acted as the "O" in "SHOWER." The font is one of my recent favorites......I LOVE how whimsical it is fitting perfectly into the overall design. For the invitation card stock I used a long navy backer, the invite was printed on a textured white and paired with a kraft color envelope. The lobster was hand embellished with red glitter and the lemon with clear glitter perfectly setting the tone for this unique bridal shower.

I often talk about "details" theses are the little things that will make your event standout and your guests take notice. Kate's bridal shower was filled with so many exceptional "details" but let's start with one of my favorites, the lobster claw place cards! I found a template for the claw online at Martha Stewart Weddings which was perfect. I printed each guests name and table number on yellow paper bands wrapping them around the claw so they look more realistic.

At most bridal showers the bridesmaids usually collect all the bows from the gifts creating a bouquet for the bride to hold during the wedding rehearsal but these ladies had a different idea. They wanted to create a bouquet for Kate made out of real brooches. I designed a round scalloped paper button sent with the invitation that read "We ask that you bring a sparkly brooch to Kate's Shower. It can represent your own personal style or maybe just a delicate flower." They had a beautiful board when you arrived to pin the brooch and paper tags to write who it was from......such a nice detail.

My next FAVORITE detail was the favor, each guest was given an apron printed with the lobster from the invite and a message that read "Marriage is messy."  If you've been to a bridal shower then you know it usually includes a few games, Lisa wanted to do sometime different so she created a "Wedding Jeopardy" board and had two wooden boxes constructed using photos of the couple for the beanbag fun! Check out the Jeopardy pick "To debt do us part."

The outdoor setting was just stunning.....the table linens coordinated flawlessly with the invitation colors. The floral arrangements designed by Gordan's in Ipswich were so vibrant perfectly accenting each table. Even the cake designed by Topsfield Bakeshop fit into this lobster bake theme.


I personally LOVED so many of the details but one of the most thoughtful was when it came to opening the presents. Most often than not the bride sits up at the front and opens each gift one by one thanking each guests but it can be hard to see and acknowledge everyone. Lisa thought it would be nice if Kate opened each guests gift at their table in front of them allowing her to personal thank them.............LOVE THIS!