Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lending a PAW

I am so excited about this recent invitation design. I have always operated based on word of mouth...which sometimes can take time for potential clients to find you but I have found another great way to advertise.......DONATION! I have always been big on giving, so for me it could not have worked out better.
Paws in the Park is a great event supporting the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem. The event is being run by a fabulous lady named Natasha Bansfield who is an event planner out of Peabody. Our paths crossed a few months ago through mutual friends. It could not have worked out better, in our first meeting she told me about this event and I jumped at the chance to donate a really over the top invite to such a great cause. This past December we had to put down our very sick bully name Hercules and even though I complained about all his dog hair I miss him dearly. Hopefully in the near future I will find myself at the Northeast Animal Shelter picking out a new family member to bring home.
This event already had a great logo designed by someone else, so my challenge was to create an invitation that worked with an existing logo but still reflected my design style. What you see above was the result and I could not have been happier to lend my paw to such a well deserved organization.

NOTE: If you the click the title to this blog it will take you to the site for more information about this great upcoming event.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Laurie Durkin of Noteworthy Papers

I met Laurie Durkin of Noteworthy Papers through a mutual friend. She has this incredible Stationery Studio in New London New Hampshire that houses some of the top Designers of Invitations, Stationery and Gifts galore. So I was beyond exited when she wanted to meet with me to see my product. From my first meeting with Laurie in her fabulous Design Studio I knew two things. The first was that she would be great to work with because she possessed the same passion for design as I do. The second was that my custom designs had just found the perfect vacation home in her one of a kind Design Studio.
Laurie emailed me the other day wondering if I could design her a full color ad for the summer issue of Kearsarge Magazine. Of course I said yes, because I love opportunities that allow me to design for different media's. I was really touched that out of all the really well known designers she has access too, that she chose me. Laurie told me three things that this ad needed to be "Nicole Fun", Nicole Creative", and "Nicole Memorable". Her level of confidence in me is what gives me the drive to be a better designer. So to you Laurie I thank you because working with you is always FUN, always CREATIVE and above all always MEMORABLE!

NOTE:click picture to enlarge. click title to go directly to Noteworthy Paper's website.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The title of this blog almost sounds like a TV reality show! It may not be TV but it is definitely reality. The photo above will be featured in the next issue of North Shore Magazine which to me is pretty exceptional. All the girls featured in the photo above are among the first of local artisans that are featured at Mason and Madison. I can't speak for everyone but being a part of Mason and Madison has allowed me to meet and work with some fabulous girls!

Photo by Richter Colella Studios (from left to right)

Donna Egan(All Around Active), Nicole Mitsakis(BeeCustom Designs)
Jane Booras(Hamilton Gardens and Beautiful Baubles),
Kim Ellen Kloss(MeTooCharms) Kay Fraser(Ear Candy by Kay),
Heidi Donovan(BeStrongBeTrueBeYou) Teresa Capela(Teresa's Creations),
Donna Cabral(The Bow Fairy)

CENTER Liz White-owner of Mason and Madison above Liz
Pam Newman(The Bead Lady)

MISSING from photo Rachael Kloss(Dragonfly Photography)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grand Opening Invitation

I work mainly through word of mouth, so I use my Invitations as advertisement. What better way to introduce myself to Liz's customers than through a fabulous invite to her Grand Opening. Liz really left the design up to me but I knew I wanted it to reflect the look of her store. There is nothing more classic than black, mixed with the signature blue of Mason and Madison. I wanted a pop of glitter somewhere but did not want it to over power the design. I started with a vertical gated card in Black Linen, the wording was printed on White Dove that had just a hint of texture and shimmer. To close the card I used a sash in Hydrangea which also had texture and finished it with a custom square button with Liz's "M" that was glittered. For the envelope I chose Black Linen mixed with a custom envelope Liner in Hydrangea. On the back of the envelope was a square return address label and for the front I had a custom address label. It is not always easy to photograph paper with texture or shimmery so above is a computer generated sample. I was able to photograph the custom glittered button. However, I always tell everyone it is best to see my samples in person to appreciate the quality of card stock and sparkle of the glitter.
Liz was so happy with the end result and I was happy with the amount of people that called or email just to tell her how special it was.


Saturday, April 4, 2009


I must say I am a huge fan of cupcakes and cakes. I still remember my wedding cake and how much I loved picking it out. Like most brides who look back on their wedding day and think of all the things they might have changed my cake was not one of them. So when Liz asked me if I could do some glittered goodies to compliment the cupcakes from EAT CAKE for her grand opening.......I ran with it. When I design I always work from inspiration, so Liz gave me the ingredients of what would be served but for the vision I went to EAT CAKE'S website...OMG I could not have asked for more inspiration, honestly if I could bake I would be a cake designer and take all my artwork and make them into cakes......much easier said than done! I have plenty of cupcake designs but I wanted my designs to compliment Hilary's designs and I wanted people to notice how the signs matched almost to the sprinkle. Above was the result, I even added an "EAT CAKE" sign using hot pink and brown glitter so the name would sparkle. I guess I have two people to thank now...Liz for allowing me to create the signs and to Hilary your cake creations inspire me to be a better designer!

Friday, April 3, 2009

MORE Notepad options..........

Everyone seemed to LOVE the notepads that I decided to come up with more options. You can pick a color scheme, then a piece of artwork or a monogram. The notepads are also available without the "school text" shown. If you want you can just have the monogram up in the corner and your name printed in the bottom right corner. If you choose a piece of artwork then your name would be centered at the top. They are sold in packs of two and of course you can have "Custom" ones designed which are great for favors or events. I am always looking for new inspiration so if you think of something you would want for a notepad design send me an email If I end up using it when it is printed you will get the first sample.....FREE!

I couldn't just stop at one....

After I finished Tammy's notepad design....I was thinking what about the Mom that would like a design that was classic....there is nothing more classic than a Monogram. So based on Tammy's vision I went to work creating a different design that someone could put the letter of their last name or first on the notepad instead of artwork. When I make a sample I hate to waste so I always create it with someone in mind who will be able to use it....and the lucky winner was Liz White! I recently had been doing some design work for Liz and new what her signature colors where. Above is the end result....simple, classic yet timeless.

A Notepad for TAMMY

When I started BeeCustom Designs I had two customers one of them was Tammy but way before she was my customer she was my friend. She came to me the other day because she was in need of a custom notepad that was simplified so she could send in a quick note when making changes to her kids schedules. She had this product she had boughten somewhere else but it just wasn't working for her. So we started with color...she's a hot pink and apple green kind of gal and of course we needed a piece of fun artwork....she went with the hot pink stiletto shoe. The sample above is the end result! Thank you Tammy for not only being a good customer but a great friend!