Saturday, April 4, 2009


I must say I am a huge fan of cupcakes and cakes. I still remember my wedding cake and how much I loved picking it out. Like most brides who look back on their wedding day and think of all the things they might have changed my cake was not one of them. So when Liz asked me if I could do some glittered goodies to compliment the cupcakes from EAT CAKE for her grand opening.......I ran with it. When I design I always work from inspiration, so Liz gave me the ingredients of what would be served but for the vision I went to EAT CAKE'S website...OMG I could not have asked for more inspiration, honestly if I could bake I would be a cake designer and take all my artwork and make them into cakes......much easier said than done! I have plenty of cupcake designs but I wanted my designs to compliment Hilary's designs and I wanted people to notice how the signs matched almost to the sprinkle. Above was the result, I even added an "EAT CAKE" sign using hot pink and brown glitter so the name would sparkle. I guess I have two people to thank now...Liz for allowing me to create the signs and to Hilary your cake creations inspire me to be a better designer!


Anonymous said...

You are too kind, Nicole. I have to tell you, I am blown away by your talent. I couldn't believe the table tents you so generously provided at Liz's fabulous grand opening. Not only were they the cutest things ever, they looked exactly like the cupcakes we made for the event!! Amazing! I was so happy that Liz kept them for me. They should be framed -- maybe they will be. So cute!! I absolutely love your work! I have no doubt that we will talk again soon! Hilary

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