Saturday, October 16, 2010

A TUTU FABULOUS....birthday!

I think its fair to say that kid's parties have come a long way from just cake, ice cream and possibly getting to make your own pizza at Papa Gino's while all your friends watched. I am not complaining because now that kids parties are on a whole new level it allows me to do what I do! Nancy called me about doing invitations for her daughter Isabelle's upcoming 6th birthday. She would be holding it at home, there of course would be cake and ice cream but you would also be making your own TUTU.......seriously that is so super creative. If you live in my area and have a daughter chances are you have heard of The Bow Fairy owner Donna Cabral makes custom bows and so much more, so Nancy is having Donna come to show all the girls how to make their own tutu....LOVE THIS!

Now for the invitation....I didn't even meet with Nancy to look at card stocks or discuss design, the only thing she told me was to have it purple and hot pink........oh and plenty of GLITTER too! I love when hot pink is involved it's my favorite glitter color to use. I decided the design would be vertical, using three layers of card stock. For the main backing card I went with Majestic which had a slight shimmer to it, the second layer was a bold pink called fashionista.......this is one of my new favorites. The invitation text was printed on white linen using two colors of ink.  This was the first invitation I have ever done for a tutu party and I think it is just TUTU CUTE!


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