Friday, October 1, 2010

The Art of Inspiration

It doesn't matter what type of designer you are, if you're creative then most often than not something inspired you to create. I openly state at the top of my blog that "it's the people I meet along way that inspire how I design" which is true, but by nature I am a visual designer so when I create a piece of artwork I usually start by finding something that inspires me.

About a year and a half ago was the first time I met Hilary Larson owner of Eat Cake in Newburyport. Liz White of Mason and Madison had asked me if I would design some glittered cards up to be placed in front of the cupcakes she was serving at her grand opening. My FIRST stop for inspiration was Eat Cake's website it was also my LAST.......there was no need to look any further. I have been a fan of Hilary's creativity since I first saw her work and to this day one of my favorite cake designs that she created was that of a PIN CUSHION, if you click the link you will see exactly what I mean.

I recently met with Hilary to discuss design options for invitations she would be needing for her friends up coming baby shower. During our meeting I showed her some of my recent work one being a farming birthday invitation. I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email from her tonight with a photo of a cake she designed telling me that my farming invite was the inspiration.....I can't even tell you how happy and flattered I felt that one of my designs created inspiration for someone else.

As you know I always talk about who is behind a design, so I emailed Hilary asking what the cake was for? It's actually a celebration cake, the Uptons had recently grown by two feet and it was time for Kellan to meet some of Daddy's family out in Western Massachusetts. What a fabulous idea....I don't know anyone that doesn't love to EAT CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!


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