Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lending a PAW

I am so excited about this recent invitation design. I have always operated based on word of mouth...which sometimes can take time for potential clients to find you but I have found another great way to advertise.......DONATION! I have always been big on giving, so for me it could not have worked out better.
Paws in the Park is a great event supporting the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem. The event is being run by a fabulous lady named Natasha Bansfield who is an event planner out of Peabody. Our paths crossed a few months ago through mutual friends. It could not have worked out better, in our first meeting she told me about this event and I jumped at the chance to donate a really over the top invite to such a great cause. This past December we had to put down our very sick bully name Hercules and even though I complained about all his dog hair I miss him dearly. Hopefully in the near future I will find myself at the Northeast Animal Shelter picking out a new family member to bring home.
This event already had a great logo designed by someone else, so my challenge was to create an invitation that worked with an existing logo but still reflected my design style. What you see above was the result and I could not have been happier to lend my paw to such a well deserved organization.

NOTE: If you the click the title to this blog it will take you to the site for more information about this great upcoming event.


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