Thursday, April 9, 2009

Laurie Durkin of Noteworthy Papers

I met Laurie Durkin of Noteworthy Papers through a mutual friend. She has this incredible Stationery Studio in New London New Hampshire that houses some of the top Designers of Invitations, Stationery and Gifts galore. So I was beyond exited when she wanted to meet with me to see my product. From my first meeting with Laurie in her fabulous Design Studio I knew two things. The first was that she would be great to work with because she possessed the same passion for design as I do. The second was that my custom designs had just found the perfect vacation home in her one of a kind Design Studio.
Laurie emailed me the other day wondering if I could design her a full color ad for the summer issue of Kearsarge Magazine. Of course I said yes, because I love opportunities that allow me to design for different media's. I was really touched that out of all the really well known designers she has access too, that she chose me. Laurie told me three things that this ad needed to be "Nicole Fun", Nicole Creative", and "Nicole Memorable". Her level of confidence in me is what gives me the drive to be a better designer. So to you Laurie I thank you because working with you is always FUN, always CREATIVE and above all always MEMORABLE!

NOTE:click picture to enlarge. click title to go directly to Noteworthy Paper's website.


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