Monday, March 15, 2010

Effective Advertising

I love creating custom invitations but I actually started as an ad/production designer for two different Boston newspapers Lawyers Weekly and Banker and Tradesman therefore I know first hand how expensive advertising is. In most cases your ad will sit with many others so it needs to stand out plus contain key points that lets the person looking at your ad know why they should go to you versus a competitor and because most advertisers choose smaller ads due to budgets you are faced with size constraints that do not always leave a ton of room to design. My fabulous friend Laurie Durkin owner of Noteworthy Papers in New London New Hampshire was in need of another ad for this new kids magazine coming out for the upper valley region of New Hampshire called
Kids Stuff If you go to Noteworthy's website then you will see Laurie works with a large amount of designers, she has products for every occasion one may have. So my design challenge was to promote everything KID in a small amount of space. I really love how this design turned out.I feel it's a perfect balance of what she offers and just how stylish her studio is.


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