Friday, February 4, 2011

Jana & Richard's Wedding

When it comes to Weddings no matter the culture or religion there is always some sort of symbolism present. I first met Jana one evening while at her neighbors house who I was doing some design work for. Jana told me she was getting married in March at Willowdale. I asked her what she was envisioning for her wedding invitations, her response was she wanted to incorporate a horseshoe. For most people the horseshoe is a symbol of luck but for Jana and Richard it was not only a symbol of luck but a symbol of love. Jana owns three horses and Richard is a Veterinarian to them......which is how the two fabulous is that!

Jana and Richard loved the idea of having their own logo which would be used on all the components of the invitation. I first created them a horseshoe then used the pattern from their chosen wedding card stock inside of it. The main invitation was a 5x5 square pocket fold, the exterior was a white raw silk that displayed their custom logo on a two layered button. The interior of the invitation shows the stunning black paisley pattern that is used in the horseshoe. The invite was mounted on a beautiful pink card stock called boa, Jana did not want the pink to be over powering so I only used it in certain parts like on the response card the word "accepts" is written in pink. The left pocket of the invitation held the directions card and the response card. The logo was also used on the return address envelopes, thank you notes, and favor tags.

When designing invitations that are a unique size, have multiple layers or pockets I can pretty much guarantee you that the postage will not be your typical wedding stamp. Thankfully you no longer have to put multiple stamps across your envelopes, there are many options now available for custom postage. Jana had all her envelopes custom printed using the same font from the invitation, she also decided that having her logo on the stamp would be a nice touch and create a finished look. A week ago I got an email from Jana reading "Houston.....we have lift off" the invites were in the mail. I actually spoke with Jana today and she was so happy with the amount of people that have called, texted and emailed letting her know how much they loved the invitations. As a designer that's exactly what you want your clients to hear!

Lots of things I design or create are done because someone or something inspired me but with the two designs below it was actually a mistake that gave me the inspiration. When I ordered Jana's card stock they first came in with the pocket at the bottom instead of on the side. I was looking at them thinking what could I use them for..........I first designed a menu card to be inserted in the pocket but instead of putting it in the napkin which is typical I decided to add ribbon so that it could hang from the chairs of each wedding guest. The next design plays two roles, the front is a table number then on the other side there is a pocket which can hold a menu. This is a nice option should you not want to do a menu for each individual guest.


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