Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ruby Jewelry

Three years ago I did a boutique show at the Salem Country Club, at that very show is where I met Megan Shepherd owner of RUBY JEWELRY. I've done a handful of these types of events and there is never a shortage of jewelry vendors, funny thing is I'm actually really not a jewelry person but still have attended plenty of jewelry home parties and always thought the products were pretty but not something I would buy. When I went over to look at Megan's table the first thing I notice where all her funky rings and these stunning keys that you would hang from a necklace.......her products were different, trendy, stylish and had a fabulous price point. As a graphic designer the next thing I notice was Megan's logo it was a huge "RUBY" ring.......I loved it! Over the next couple of years I ran into Megan at different events and was always under the impression that "Ruby Jewelry" was like the other home jewelry businesses.

Recently, I discovered that Megan does all her own buying.........OMG it totally made sense now why I was originally drawn to her product, Megan knows her clients and what they are looking for but instead of sending an email to corporate expressing that; she gets on a plane to New York and goes and finds it.....that requires a creative and stylish eye which Megan seamlessly incorporates into her product.

Megan and I recently got together to brainstorm about her business and how she should start blogging about her products. She has an eye that a lot of people do not, she can look a piece and know exactly how it should be worn, what it should be worn with and where to wear it to. Megan has the vision that a potential client may the time she left she was so excited to start her new BLOG

Next up was her logo, she really wanted to give it a mini makeover! For me her original ring was a powerful symbol that overtime would be able to stand on its own. Megan already had a fabulous color scheme but I felt her name needed a new font and to be incorporated with the ring. I began by creating her a completely new ruby ring, then found an equally stylish font to go with it and joined them so they could now be a pair. I truly loved her logo from the moment I first saw it and believe it really has come full circle. Overtime as Ruby Jewelry grows I can see that ring standing alone just like the target in "Target" so iconic it no longer needs the name written beside it.


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