Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lingerie Shower

I recently designed wedding invitations for Jana & Richard, around the same time I received an email from Jana's neighbor who was throwing a Lingerie Shower for her. Most clients give me a bit of direction but Beverly had a tall order. She wanted the invitation to have a piece of lingerie on it, a horseshoe and could we find a spot for a pair of flip flops too! Jana LOVES flip flops and she wanted every guest to bring a pair wrapped for her as an added surprise. Yes, my first thought was "how am I going to make this work" my biggest challenge was coming up with a fabulous way to tell people to bring the flip flips without having it look like it didn't belong.

I started with the color scheme, the main backing card was in boa, the invite was linen white and the envelope was in envy. I had a cute bra that was on a hanger so I decided to hang it from the horseshoe at the top of the invite and finished with hot pink glitter. I was so proud of myself when I conquered the challenge of including the flip flops while still keeping the flow of the invite. "Jana loves flip flops.......colorful and sweet kindly bring a wrapped pair for her size 6.5 feet."

There is know way I can finish up this blog without talking about the favors for Jana's shower.....Beverly hired Janeen Donati of Paige-Reese Designer Bakeshop. It's no secret that I have been a fan of Janeen's since the moment I saw her work. She is truly talented and cares more about her product than her bottom line. Look how fabulous these cookies are...........LOVE HER!


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