Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wedding Season 2011

The 2011 Wedding Season is officially in full swing and with Valentines Day being tomorrow I thought what better time to introduce some new Wedding Invitations and Save-The-Date options for 2011. I wanted to know what the most popular day to get engaged was, so I did some research. Funny thing is there is not much available with regards to "real statistics" but from year to year about 10% of Americans get engaged on Valentines Day followed by Christmas then Birthday.
The best decision I ever made was becoming an authorized Envelopments Dealer, they offer premium paper and card stocks in 231 colors with 90 shapes and sizes to choose from. Whether you need matte, metallic, textured metallic, vellum and Pattern they have it all. The other thing they offer are incredible samples meant to inspire not only you but your client. Just like there is a lid for every pot I believe there is a designer for every bride and no two are ever alike. I refer to Envelolpments samples as inspiration because that is what they are....they do not provide them so you can copy them they provide them to inspire you, to make you think how can I apply my creativity and take this to another level.

These days I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with my mailbox; one because this years New England winter has destroyed it and at this very moment the only thing holding it up is a large snow bank and two......bills, bills and more bills. Today is Sunday so I finally had to face my mailbox but amongst the bills was a little glimmer of HOPE new inspiration samples from Envelopments had arrived....................YEAH! I was so excited to open my package and once I saw what was inside I immediately took photos so I could blog about it.

Over the winter I introduced you to the "TWIST CARD" and because they were such a big hit Envelopments has decided to make them available in all colors, patterns and card stocks; I cant wait to use them they are going to be perfect for Save-The-Dates. The next NEW item is actually a COLOR called Soleil available in a bright yellow matte card stock! The pictures I included in this blog are just some of my favorites and every time I look at them I am so inspired to create using these incredible components.......the only thing missing is the vision of a bride.......the lid to this designers pot.


Ruby Jewelry said...

We got engaged on Valentine's Day then married on New Year's Eve. Tacky, I know. Things just happened to fall into place that way. Personally, invitations for me were one of the most important things in my wedding. We definately splurged but it is not only a piece of you that gets sent out to all the special people in your world - it is something that is still sitting on the side of my fridge. I see it every morning when I grab my coffee. I love that reminder.

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