Friday, December 3, 2010

Moving Announcements

I received a Facebook message from Attorney Renee C. Berman in November asking if I would be interested in designing some moving announcements. She was finally getting the office space she had always dreamed of and wanted the announcements to reflect her style, professional but not stuffy. To me it makes perfect sense that Renee's new office would not be that of your typical attorney because she herself is anything but. Aside from owning her own law firm, she is an author, a mom and by far can deliver the best wedding toast I have ever heard.

Renee loved the cardstock from a previous invitation I had designed and felt those colors perfectly reflected the color scheme and style of her new office. Even though she wanted her announcement to be different she still wanted to use the scales. I didn't want your typical law scales so I created my own set using the pattern from the envelope liner in parts of the artwork. The text card in Ecru Linen was mounted on a beautiful backer of Caspian with an envelope in Antique Gold and liner in Mehndi which mixed the Gold and Caspian with a stunning paisley like pattern. I just love how these turned out and thankfully so did Renee.


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