Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kicking off the Florida Season......

Just when I thought I had designed an invitation for almost every kind of party.....I recently discovered a new one! I received an email from one of my clients about a party she was throwing, it seems a lot of people head to Florida after the holidays making January the kick off to the winter season.  This is exactly what she needed....they live in a golf community for part of the year as do many of their friends. Therefore, throwing a get together to catch up and kick off the 2011 season seemed fitting. The only suggestion she gave me was to use a turtle which was the logo of the community they lived in. The minute I heard that I immediately thought hot pink and apple green. I have the cutest little turtle and knew his shell would look fabulous with hot pink glitter on it. The invite text was pretty simple therefore not a lot of space would be needed which is why I chose to do a 2 layer square card. For the main backer I chose Valentine, a matte card stock with a square texture to it. The text card was white linen printed with two colors of ink. The design was completed with a green shimmery envelope called Envy. I LOVE how adorable this design turned out and are so thankful to all my clients and their fabulous ideas. To all the lucky individuals that spend a portion of their year in FLORIDA I personally wish you a happy 2011 season and hope it's filled with sunny days and star filled nights:)



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