Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday 2010

Well, it's official the holiday season of 2010 has come and gone. I've spent that last few months designing holiday cards and have been waiting to share them with everyone. Now that my tree is sitting in my driveway and all the decorations are neatly put away I thought why not blog tonight! I LOVE getting holiday cards and every year I host Christmas the first thing my family does and look at them all. Obviously I love the holiday cards that I personally design but as a designer I am always inspired by other designers and because I'm a sharer I will not only be blogging about my designs but about some favorites I received:)

It's not often that a one year old is a world traveler but little Anson and his parents Michael and Tracy took a trip of a lifetime to Morocco this past spring. When I met with Tracy she had this great picture of them with a camel but also had many more, her vision was that of a passport. I started first with the incredible photos she sent me turning them into a collage allowing them to share this wonderful adventure with all of their family friends. Next up was some artwork, Tracy wanted a passport stamp however the passport stamp I found for Morocco....wasn't very holiday card friendly so I created my own that would be more fitting. I am so thankful that the O'leary's gave me the honor of designing their holiday card.

Holiday cards over the last ten years have really gone to a new level. It's not just families that are sending the photo cards anymore. You will find pet owners, newly weds and grandparents have also jumped in too! My mother says there is nothing better than being a grandmother and I know this is true because she never sent a photo holiday card of me and my brother........but she does send one of your four grandchildren...and yes she uses me:)

Last year was the first time I designed a holiday card for the Connellys.....I was so happy when Eirin called to use me again and even more excited to hear that she now had two more can be a challenge getting 9 children from three different families to sit for one perfect Christmas card photo. Therefore she sends me a bunch of photos which I then scan and create one 7x5 photo. We went with a shimmery red "Z CARD" then finished it with a beautiful shimmery green called envy. I love how their card turned out this year and look forward to seeing how much the kids have grown next year.

Well if you think it's tough getting 9 grandchildren together try 11! The Dwyers have 11 beautiful grandchildren. I designed their card last year but this year Connie sent me individual photos of each of her grandchildren to create a collage. Her design last year had a casual summer feel so this year I decide to go more formal using a flat 7x7 square card in red, then paired it with a white raw silk for the message to be printed on, finished with a stunning shimmery graphite envelope.

If you read my blog then you know Annette was one of the first people I ever designed a holiday card for. She always has great photos but this year was really exceptional.  She captured both her kids walking down a driftwood path onto the beach holding hands.......I know she bribed them but of course won't admit it! I can not take credit for the saying on her card because she is the one that thought of it.......and as you can see the whole look came together fabulously.

I really do LOVE going to the mailbox during the's always nice to see how everyone's kids have grown. There are tons of fabulous holiday card options out there and I've noticed that even shutterfly and snapfish are now carrying certain well know designers. Over the past three years I would say that Tiny Prints has a really nice selection especially when wanting to use multiple photos. Another favorite site that is similar to tiny prints that I really think has some stunning options is minted. Below are some of the holiday cards that I received this year where I thought the design was really exceptional.......

It really doesn't matter who designs your holiday card or how much time or money you spend on it. When someone takes the time to send you a holiday wish that is what truly matters. I look at my slider filled with holiday wishes and truly feel blessed that there are that many people who thought enough of me and my family to send us a holiday wish. I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year......looking forward to 2011!


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