Thursday, November 18, 2010

Custom Designed Logos

I LOVE being an invitation designer but I actually started as a Graphic Designer! The same way I go about creating a custom invitation is the way I design a custom logo. If you're someone that new me when I first started BeeCustom Design then you know how many times I have re-designed my logo. Presently I LOVE my logo and feel it works but can't promise that I won't tweak it again. Over the past year I have done some really fun logos for some FABULOUS ladies and thought I would share.

Mason and Madison's owner Liz White has an incredible logo and even though I wasn't the one that created it, the designer who did is truly talented. Her store has different artisans that display their work, but as time went on Liz was approach by jewelry artisans wanting to sell their designs under Mason & Madison which resulted in Liz creating two separate divisions. The first was Pink Bird and the second was Pink Bird Kids......I really love how these came out and had so much fun creating the perfect chubby bird.

Lucky for me Liz is always thinking of ways to grow her business by offering her customers access to fun promotions, sales and events! She recently launch "Good-Buys" especially for the FANS of Mason and Madison's Facebook page. If you become a fan than you will have a chance to save big on last-one-in-stock, discontinued or otherwise fabulous merchandise we have to sell in order to make room for more!

Bringing the Singing is the brain child of high school student Jessica Slaght. After participating in the princess fundraiser for Nordhoff High School, music students Jessica Slaght, Amanda Landis, Camille Mendoza, Harmony Hartley and Zelda Grove are now allowing the community access to the magic of live character performers. All five girls have experience with choral training and theater arts and will surely put a smile onto your little princess' face. Jessica is actually a family member and I was really impressed with what her and her friends started. They had a website and face book page but I noticed they didn't have a formal I offered to create one for them. They recently have gotten some really nice press coverage and I can only hope that my kids will have the same work ethic that these girls have at such a young age.

Janeen Donati is the owner and designer behind Paige-Reese Designer Bakeshop. I met Janeen when I did a home party for her over the summer. It wasn't until the end of the night that I discovered she too was a custom designer. I truly was blown away at her creativity, she had a great business card, fabulous font and fun colors......the only thing missing was a formal logo.  I took her colors, font and self proclaimed obsession with cake stands and designed her a new logo. The design carried over to some fun stickers for all her packaging and a new layout and paper for her business cards.



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