Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dancing Doodlebugs

Rosemary Graham has this incredible line of custom children's clothes and accessories. She is extremely talented and called me one afternoon because she was in need of a logo. My first love was the name Dancing Doodlebugs how perfect is that, my second love was the quality of her product. When she came over to discuss the design of her logo she brought some of her samples....beautiful stylish fabrics mixed with her perfect sewing skills I could see she had a solid product and know she will do extremely well.
So come this Holiday Season try and remember your small local business owners like Rosemary, she will put far more care and effort into making you a special gift than anything you would find at a mall. Click the photo to enlarge and see Dancing Doodlebugs contact information.


Cheryl said...

I love Rosemary's girls' dresses! They are so nice!! They are like nothing that's out there now.

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