Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Dirty Water Holiday

So I feel like Christmas has come early this year for least on the design side. When I first started BeeCustom Design I would often do a lot of shows or events where I would display my designs in an effort to promote what I be completely honest I never got that many clients from doing the shows but what I did get was to network with the other professionals either displaying like myself or the ones running the event. I have blogged about Julie Fairweather who owns In Full Force before, have done three of her events and the BEST thing that came out of those three events was the business relationship that I gained with her. I have been waiting for the opportunity to work with her and within two months I have come on board as the designer for two of her current projects and could not be happier. The first project I will blog about later because it is still in the design process but most recently she offered me such a cool project which was to design an invitation for Dirty Water TV's upcoming holiday party.

I have often said to Julie that I get tired just reading her FB page........because not only does she own In Full Force which puts on tons of events throughout the year, she also heads up the entire Marketing Department for Dirty Water TV. For all of my blog readers that do not live in Boston Dirty Water TV is a FABULOUS source for what is happening in the New England Nightlife and is on every Saturday night at 11:30 on NESN.

I know I say I love everything I create but honestly this is one of my favorites for 2011. Designing for a business event is no different then designing for an individual person. I knew the invite design needed to possess everything Dirty Water TV is.....informative, sexy and fun! I'm not sure who designed their logo but I have always loved it.......and wanted to some way incorporate it into the design without it looking like a piece of business stationery.  Julie of course made my job even easier by providing me with all the content......which in turn inspired the design. I went with a single 4x9 card in metallic white which set the feel of winter I LOVED idea of using the fancy sleigh being pulled by a motor cycle because it just screamed cool. Once I placed the logo in the all came together and perfectly sets the tone for their upcoming holiday party. I LOVED it, Julie LOVED it and hopefully every guest that receives one will LOVE it too. Happy Holidays Dirty Water TV.....I am sure the party will not disappoint......we all know Julie can put on one FABULOUS event!!!!!!



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