Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Graphic Design

As you know every design I blog about has a story.......and this recent project is no different. I received an email from Dennis Brearley who was in need of some graphic design services. As always I am thrilled when a new client has found me based on a THANK YOU to Elisabeth Accardi owner of Upon A Star!
Dennis and his brother Matt own BREARLEY.COM a family business started in 1978 by their dad Dennis who was a talented photojournalist that received many awards for his work. Aside from being able to purchase their products online they also have a retail Kiosk located in the North Canopy of Quincy Market at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Dennis was in need of a poster that he would frame to put up in their retail location because he found that when customers arrived in the store they were unsure of how and where they could purchase items. I immediately went to their site to see first hand what they sell and view some photos of the retail location. The challenge was the poster would be framed and hung amongst all the other photos for it needed to fit nicely but still stand out enough to educate customers on the many ways the photos can be purchased.
I asked Dennis to send me one of his favorite photos I could use in one of the designs I would be presenting. For the other design option I wanted to strictly use fonts only. I'm a huge fan of TYPE and shop for new FONTS like most girls shop for shoes. The first poster design I used the photo I had been giving at 30% opacity then mixed different fonts over it. The look was simple but would look nicely hung amongst the other works of art.

The second design I wanted to be completely different from the first one I created........TOTALLY feel like I have achieved that. I want the look to be a bit historic and vintage but still modern. I used 5 different fonts added texture to some while leaving others as is. I wanted the design to pop so that customers would naturally gravitate towards it just because it was so different from what was on the wall. I LOVE how both posters came out but I never tell a client what my favorite is because I do not want to influence their decision.

I was over the moon when Dennis replied that they loved both and would like to order one of each. The ALL TYPE design was ordered in a 20x24 poster which I know will look fabulous in the Kiosk in Boston. I feel very proud to have two of my designs hang amongst the photos of such a talented photographer.......did I mention the late Dennis Bearley won the Pulitzer Prize in 1978. I will be making a road trip to Faneuil Hall Market Place soon; yes to see my POSTER DESIGNS but to also pick up two really cool Patriots photo's that were taking during the famous SNOW
GAME. SHHHHHHH don't tell my boys I plan on giving each of them one for Christmas.


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