Thursday, May 5, 2011

CLASS of 2011

When you become a parent you automatically start to create a vision for your child's future which is fine while they are little but as we all know children grow up. One day you'll turn around and realize they've gone and created their own vision........and yes most often than not it looks nothing like yours. That being said at the end of the journey whether the visions match or don't really doesn't matter all any parent truly wants is for their child to be happy.

Melissa contacted me about invitations for her son Austin's upcoming Graduation from High all parents she is so proud of his achievements and wanted to celebrate them with a party for all their family and friends. She wanted something stylish but masculine, I began with a color palette of chocolate brown and cream, the main square backer was a shimmery bronze and the invite was a stunning textured cream called magnolia. Keeping with the stylish aspect I added chocolate glitter to the date of the party, then continued the design over to the envelope also in magnolia. By custom printing all the addresses for each guest gives this design a very finished look. At one point during our meeting Melissa said to me that she and Austin were a team and always have been.........I LOVE that because when I look at the design of their invitation that is actually what I see.........a perfect combination of two visions not exactly the same but in the end a result that leaves both of them happy:) Congratulations Austin! I wish you plenty of success in the future...........after meeting your mom I would expect nothing less.


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