Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bridal Shower

It is never a good feeling to pull up the 7 day weather forecast and see rain drops and clouds straight across the board.......WELCOME to Springtime in New England. I have no idea when the sun will come back, but I do know that I can bring you a warm, bare feet in the sand kind of blog post to hopefully brighten your day:)

I don't always meet with my clients in person sometimes a design consultation is done over the phone which was the case with this recent bridal shower. Mother of the bride Kerry was planning her daughters upcoming bridal shower, her only instructions for the invite were tiffany blue, beach and simply elegant.......the rest she would leave up to me.  My first thought was the card stock.....if this design was going to be simple I felt one layer would be best. One of my NEW favorite card stocks is called powder it's thick with a firm texture to it. The name is so fitting because it's not a bright white but a more soft white. You can see how the texture of this card stock actually resembles the look of sand.

The envelope was a shimmery tiffany blue color called caspian which I also used as one of the ink colors. The favor at the shower is going to be a sand dollar so I decide to use one on the invitation and added some clear glitter to give it a little sparkle. I love how this invitation has so many subtle elements all coming together to create a simply warm elegant design and just for a little while has reminded me that behind all the clouds and rain lies the sun.....just waiting for it's turn to come out and shine.


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