Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Art of Writing a Letter....

When is the last time you sat down and wrote someone a letter? If you are like me then the answer to that question is, not lately. I have cute note pads that I write a short note to one of my kids teachers or sometimes I will use a folded note if I need to send a special "thank you" but that's about it. Like most people today if I need to reach someone I text, email, facebook and now even twitter them but just because all this technology exist doesn't mean you have to use it or that everyone in world is. Last night I sat down to watch TV and was excited to see Pride and Prejudice was showing AGAIN! I probably have watched this movie 50 times and LOVE IT but at the same time are frustrated by how long everything takes. For example writing a letter, in that era letter writing is what email is today. Throughout the entire movie almost every scene has a letter being received, written or read. I firmly believe if I needed to exist in that era I would not have made it for two very good reasons. First, I am extremely impatient there is no way I could wait a week to know if someone could come for lunch. Second, I am positive spell check did not exist and thanks to wikipedia I know the dictionary was not yet finished.

I recently received a request for personal stationery, I automatically designed the sample on a folded note card but soon learned what she wanted was stationery paper for writing letters. This was the first time I had designed personal stationery paper for someone.

Her request was simple white linen paper, white linen envelope with a black linen envelope liner. She wanted her name in a script font, a flower above it and her address at the bottom. What I love about this design is the flower actually has just a bit of glitter on it.


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