Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another FABULOUS Request!!

In my previous blog I said "if there is something you want ASK, if I can create it I will." I received an email late Tuesday night from my friend and really good customer Krista with a special request. She had been reading my recent blog and saw the picture of the "Mommy Juice" wine tag which gave her an idea. On Saturday she is going to a Bridal Shower and bought the couple their wine glasses and was going to put a few bottles of wine with it in a basket. Krista asked if I had ever heard of "Wine Poems-the 6 Firsts" which I had not so I clicked on the link which took me to this fabulous blog called The Perfect Bridesmaid. She wanted to know if I could put the poems on individual wine tags that she could put with the bottles of wine......OMG what a brilliant idea. This is why I LOVE being custom, it is nice to know that when a client has a vision that I can help make it a reality for them.....even with only 3 days notice!

So off I went to create the wine tags, I started with the timeless color scheme of light blue and chocolate brown and paired it with one of my favorite fonts MonteCarlo. The poems looked nice on the tags but I felt it needed something more I designed the couple their own monogram added a bit of glitter to it and positioned it below the poem.......PERFECT!

I would like to give a big thank you to Krista for sending me all the photos and for inspiring yet another great design. She has been on a roll lately because last week she needed a plate with a train on it. The funny thing is I didn't have one but thanks to her request I now have a super cute train and a little guy named Jack will soon be the first one to have this plate.

NOTE: for direct link to Wine Poems-the 6 Firsts
click the link below. utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ThePerfectBridesmaid+%28The+Perfect+Bridesmaid%29.


The Purple Pug said...

LOVE the monogram. Gorgeous!

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