Saturday, May 8, 2010

For the LOVE of a font!

I love creating original pieces of artwork that compliment the perfect invitation but you don't always need artwork. By using the perfect font in a design you can achieve unbelievable results. I personally have a total font fetish and can spend countless hours in search of the perfect font.

Communion season is in full swing and I have designed many invitations with numerous variations of the crosses that I have created. One of my very good clients and friend needed some invitations for her son's upcoming communion. Her first question was "do you think I need to have a cross?" Her second question was "Do you think I can use a color other than silver?" My response to both was "of course you can!" My idea was to use a classic color combination of chocolate and blue accented by a clean font called FUTURA.

The main backing card is bronze, the invite was printed on white linen using two ink colors and the envelope was an eye popping blue called zircon. You can see that his name is the main focus of the design and by having the rest of the information flush left and right it has now created a piece of artwork by the use of just one font.


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