Thursday, April 29, 2010

Barcelona Spain....chapter two!

The Gaudi lizard is a well known icon in Barcelona Spain, Sue wanted it to play a role in the next series of invitations. However, this was my first challenge the mosaic lizard although stunning did not work with what was chosen for card stocks. In order to use him he would need a bit of a makeover.

As you can see by simplifying him to an outline and adding some of the Kitsch pattern to its back he now fits with the look of the invitations. The next step was finding him a spot in this design, my first idea was to make him the logo for the series of upcoming parties, events and meetings that would be taking place. The logo first appears as a custom button on the outside of the invitation, he then made another appearance on the thank you notes.

This invitation is unique because it's designed for not just one party but for 7. It can be a challenge to accommodate that many invitations in one design and still have it look organized. I centered the main invitation then on either side was a custom pocket each having their own band wrap. You will notice with this series of invites I changed the accent of color to yellow topaz which is so striking against the Kitsch pattern.


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