Friday, May 15, 2009


Alright, I think it is fair to say if you have children over the age of five you know what a Webkinz is. I received an email from a really good client of mine. It read "I need a party invitation for my daughters birthday party...the theme is Webkinz ( I know I tried to talk her out of it)" It's funny because there are tons of ideas on the market for just about any kind of party you could think of but when it comes to Webkinz's there is not much. My client decided to give each child a Webkinz as the party favor.....Rachael chose the panda. So my instructions were pink, yellow and panda. I built the panda bear knowing I would be using hot pink glitter. I chose a square envelofold card in this really cool card stock called duplex which means the outside color was watermelon and the inside kiwi the design was finished off with a custom button that had a hot pink paw print. The whole design was completed with matching thank you notes and glittered address labels. I just think this panda is so cute!


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