Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Paw's in the Park cont.....

You might have seen my previous post about donating invitations for Paws in the Park a great event put on by Natasha Bansfield Events. It raised over 3000.00 dollars for the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem. You could not have asked for a better day and even though my family no longer has a dog the Northeast Animal Shelter so graciously lent me and my kids "Rockie" for the walk. Although he was a little nervous and yes very camera shy we were so happy to been given such an honor.
Angie Rahilly is a photographer out of Peabody who just happen to photograph my niece and nephew. I saw her work and thought it was fabulous, I was able to put her in touch with Natasha and was thrilled when Angie told me she would be photographing the event. She took photos of everyone with their dogs as well as all the great moments of the day and if that wasn't enough she has given everyone permission to download the photos and print what they like. Her photo's really capture just how much an owner loves their dog. Whether you are a cat person or a dog person, animals bring unconditional love in a world that sometimes can be so harsh.
In a time when businesses and people are really struggling it was so heartwarming to see how many donated their time, products and services to such a great cause. To see all the photos from this event just click the title of this blog and it will take you directly to Angie Rahilly's website and to learn more about Natasha Bansfield Events you can go to my previous blog about the invitation, if you click the title it will take you to her site.


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