Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sixty and FABULOUS!!!!!!!

I’ve said it before that majority of all my customers find me by word of mouth which is the best kind of advertisement. So before I discuss this incredible birthday design I need to thank Liz owner of Mason and Madison in Middleton because she put my blog address on her website Jane was able to find me:)

I received an email from Jane who was in the process of planning her mother-in-laws sixtieth surprise birthday party but was extremely short on time as the party was set to be September 17th. Jane is the best client a designer could have because she herself is an event planner therefore when she came for her design consult she new right away what she wanted. The color palette would be hot pink and graphite but she also wanted to incorporate a damask pattern because her mother-in-law Helen loves it. I listened as Jane described Helen a modern, stylish, forward moving grandmother who just happens to be turning sixty. I originally planned on doing something using the number 60 but no matter which way I designed it or what font I used it kept screaming the wrong thing. Just in case you didn’t get the memo last year Oprah said that “FIFTY was the new FORTY.” This means two things first, I’m really still in my mid twenties and two, Helen is really turning fifty. That being said age is just a number which explains why when I finally changed 60 to Sixty...........my design got a whole lot more FABULOUS!

Jane wanted a long card and for the design to be horizontal. The main backer was a two tone graphite damask style pattern, the invite backer was a shimmery pink called boa and the main invitation was a shimmery white called first snow. The ampersand was hand embellished with hot pink glitter and the completed invite was inserted into a shimmery pink envelope.

There would be a candy bar at the party so I suggested using pyramid favor boxes to line the table for guest to use to hold their candy. We decided to mix the boxes using half in the pattern and the other half in the pink which will create a nice design element to the table. Jane LOVED the idea of signage so I designed a sign for the birthday girl’s chair and one to highlight the candy bar. The last sign was for a signature drink what they would be serving. Jane wanted to come up with a fun name for it so I asked her what the grandchildren call Helen and she said “MIMI” SERIOUSLY this could not have been more perfect because the drink was a martini so I of course I changed it to a “MIMITINI” never shaken only stirred...........the sign of a true grandmother.


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