Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding @ The Four Seasons Hotel.......BOSTON

Trying to find the right Stationer for your Wedding Invitations is kind of like shopping for a bathing suit see one, click on it, hit zoom, view all five angles and immediately think OMG I LOVE's exactly what I have been searching for. As you move it into your cart and proceed to check out you can totally see how it will look on you; after all it's your size, style and the price is totally in your budget so you just know it will be a PERFECT FIT! Then the mail arrives and you think oh know.......wrong on so many levels!
I am not saying that you have to TRY every single bathing suit or Wedding Stationer that you like on for size but boy will you be happy that you did! Planning your wedding can be a very emotional, overwhelming and time consuming process, the vendors you chose to hire not only need be able to execute your vision but they should be able to connect with you on a personal level......... so before you put them in your cart take the time to make sure they are............A PERFECT FIT!

I first met Amanda and Chris at the wedding workshop a few months ago they are one couple that DID NOT need this advice. Before booking The Four Season's Boston this couple had already viewed about 50 different venues.........insane? no, it's SMART. I've listened to countless brides complain how they love their venue but not the staff associated with it. This is what I mean by a good may LOVE the room but do you have the same feeling about the staff that comes with the room because the room is not who will be handling all the little details of your wedding. When Amanda told me about The Fours Season's she talked about the gorgeous room and how perfect it was but what she also talked about was her LOVE for the Wedding Planners that came with the room. They took the same approach with regards to their Wedding Invitations, Amanda told me she order over 38 different style Wedding Invitation samples from numerous online sights but every time they would arrive she was always disappointed.

Amanda was immediately drawn to the 6x9 pocket fold invitation in black linen, the main backer was a stunning vine like pattern called plumes which we paired with a rich shimmery accent backer called burnt sugar. The main invite and matching components where all in ecru linen. The design was completed with a vellum overlay that also had the plumes pattern. I used a mix of different style vintage frames throughout the invitation suite. The design around their names on the main invitation was also used for the matching custom postage on all the wedding envelopes and response envelopes. The entire look was completed with a two tier custom address label wrap for each guest. The table numbers match the look of the wedding invitation with each number glittered in black. The place cards are also layered using the black linen plumes and burnt sugar.........this invitation truly sets the tone for Amanda and Chris' formal Wedding at the Four Season's Boston. They were such a wonderful couple to work with and I am truly flattered that after 38 different designers they picked me:)


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