Monday, July 25, 2011

Chuck E Cheese VS Custom Invitations

As a designer I LOVE a challenge and honestly feel it's those challenges that ultimately make you a better designer. If you read my blog then you know I do a lot of work with Janeen Donati owner of Paige-Reese Designer Bakeshop. Janeen and I have a very similar design style which is just one of the many reasons why I love working with her. A few weeks ago she sent me an email about her daughter Madison's upcoming birthday party. The first line read "I need some invitations for Madison's 7th Birthday, it's at Chuck E Cheese, I know I feel the same way......I CAN'T talk her out of it" Make no mistake I DO NOT have a problem with Chuck E Cheese but it presents a "generic" challenge when designing a one of a kind party invitation. My first thought was to create an adorable little mouse with a piece of cheese.....this way it relates to the party but would still be original and custom. Janeen LOVED this idea because in her mind she was thinking how cute a mouse cookie with a piece of cheese would be for a favor. The idea was presented to the birthday girl.....her response was that of a 7 year old "I like having a mouse but only if it looks EXACTLY like Chuck E Cheese and I want him to have a T-Shirt with a big C on it too and NO cheese" So obviously that wasn't what Janeen and I were envisioning but it's Madison's party so it should be her vision. The challenge for me was part of Madison's vision involved some copyright issues......there was no way I would be recreating the Chuck E Cheese back to the drawing board we went. It was Janeen that suggested a sneaker....I loved it because it kept with the whole Chuck E Cheese theme of running and playing but still would be original....and it was Madison approved:)

I've created a lot of artwork over the years but had yet to do a sneaker......OMG this sneaker was by far the most difficult piece of artwork I have ever done but totally rewarding; it may have taken me two days but I just love how it turned out. The best part of designing this invitation was the response I got from Janeen when I sent her the sample..........."you are NOT normal!  WOW!  the sneaker is awesome (super creative)!! it's comments like those that make me love what I do even more!

For the style of the invitation I decided to use a Z Card which folds open into three parts, I went with a heavy weight textured card stock called powder and paired it with a shimmery green envelope called envy. I used a fun kid like font and added some balloons with glittered polk-a-dots, we continued the use of the sneaker on the thank you notes and the tags for the cookies.

I handed the invites off to Janeen and could not wait to see what she came up with for the cookies and the cake. The party was yesterday and just a few moments ago my inbox began to fill up with pictures from her, my only thoughts are......SERIOUSLY WOW! I'm not saying creating art on a computer is easy but when it comes to cookies you are dealing with an entirely different medium. I am so stunned at her ability to seamlessly match the sneaker cookie to my invitation design.......that is what you call TALENT! There is no way you can have a party without cake......check out how Janeen was able to carry individual elements from the invitation over to the cake and I am not just talking color people.......she added the words run, jump and play and was able to do it in a similar font. She then incorporated the number 7 and the balloons.......I am just in AWE! You can see more of Janeen's work by visiting her blog you will not be disappointed!


Stay tuned.......Janeen and I have been working together on another birthday party....lets just say we both finally get to use a MOUSE........will post late August:)


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