Friday, April 22, 2011

Georgia and Chad........ENGAGED

I may be a little biased because of my chosen profession but getting engaged ranks in my top five most memorable life moments. I can honestly remember every single detail of when my husband proposed to me over 14 years ago. For me every bride I work with is important but this one is different because she's family.  Thirteen years ago at just 17 Georgia was a bridesmaid at my own wedding so I was over the top with excitement to hear the news about her engagement to Chad but even more excited and honored when she asked if I would design invitations for her up coming engagement party. Honestly, so much has changed since I got married.....especially with regards to custom invitations, I look back at my own wedding invitation truly would never know that I had just graduated with a degree in graphic design but like everything in get better with age.

When I met with Georgia and her mother she really didn't have a color palette or theme in mind, I suggested picking what you like and I would do the rest. Square has been really big this wedding season for me, it seems everyone is gravitating towards it. The main component of the invite is a 5x5 envelofold with the pattern on the interior instead of exterior. The main invite is white linen with a deep shimmery chocolate brown backer called bronze, the reply card we kept simple by continuing the use of the white linen. I always talk about the little details.......postage has taken the wedding world by storm recently giving brides plenty options, you will notice the custom stamps used are an exact match to the pattern in the invite itself which is gives everyone a little peek of what's to come.

Most often than not any invitation having to do with a wedding embodies some kind of symbolism, some are obvious to everyone while others might be more subtle. Saying "YES" I believe has a lot of symbolism, if you think of all the important things you say "YES" too in your life.  For example what  college you will decide to attend or what fabulous job offer will you take, being asked out on a date, deciding to get married or have children........all of these questions that you answer "YES" too will ultimately change your life and send you on a new path. Georgia said "YES" to Chad when he asked her to marry him, next up...........saying "YES" to the DRESS.........equally as important:)

It's rare that I'm on location for the event I designed invitations for but lucky for me this time around I am part of the family. I'm so excited because I usually only see the completed vision through photos after the party is over........this time around I will get a front row seat......which is nice for a change. I would like to wish Georgia, Chad and their families and huge CONGRATS!


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