Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oh "BOY" this girl could use a party!!!!!!!!

I met Natasha a little over a year ago and it was a match from the very first meeting not only on a business level but as a friend. Natasha is an event planner so of course she is planning her own baby shower. When she first talked to me about invites she was thinking nursery rhymes but then decided to switch gears and make it more about being pregnant, which was smart because after the baby is born you pretty much take a backseat to everything. I was so excited when I first learned that she was pregnant but even more excited because she would be finding out what she was having......BOY'S RULE!!!!!!!!!

The release of envelopments new card stocks and favor boxes could not have come at a better time, from the moment I received my samples I knew exactly what I would use for Natasha's baby shower invites. When we met she decided that the belly dress would be perfect. I am always careful when mixing pattern card stocks with glittered artwork because it sometimes can come across as too much.

I fell in love with First Snow Swiss Dots the minute I saw it and new that it was a simple enough pattern to accent the glittered belly perfectly. I used Coal as the main backing card, Caspian as the invite backer and then printed the invitation itself on First Snow. In order for the belly and the dots to work they needed to have slight separation which is achieved by using the pattern not on the invitation but on the envelope liners and then again on the favor boxes. You can see from the photo that all components are perfectly balanced. For the matching thank you notes I didn't want to use the word "thank you" so instead I borrowed a phrase from a really funny T.V. show that since has been canceled.......notes from the underbelly!

The bon bon favor box is the most adorable box I have ever seen.......everyone I show it too loves it. I wanted the box to have a sash and a custom glittered button. The "b" actually symbolizes three things, the first is Natasha's last name which is Bansfield, second is baby, and third is boy. Even though Natasha went with the box for her favors another option would have been the custom candy wrapper which is also super cute.

Invitations are an important element to any's a sneak peak at what your guests can expect. It's not often that I get to witness the entire event come together but I feel very lucky that I am on the guest list for this one. I will have a part 2 to my blog displaying pictures of all the other beautiful elements of Natasha's baby shower, especially the custom belly cake that is being made......stay tuned!


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