Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's the little details........

This past Tuesday evening I received an email from event planner Jen Hansen.....who was in a bit of a PICKLE! One of her brides who's wedding is on Saturday (yes, 3 days away) had a last minute change of heart about some "little details" she now wanted. A typical wedding vendor will tell you getting married is an emotional thing and not to sweat the "little details" a truly exceptional wedding vendor will always go above and beyond to make sure their bride is happy. As a custom designer I always have extra stock on hand for situations just like this and was happy to reply back that I would be able to get her what she needed.

Jen immediately sent her brides inspiration board which was essential for me, even though the order was last minute the last thing I wanted was for it to look that way. The "little details" really are what make your wedding extra special and sometimes brides are so overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done that they don't realized how important a few extra special items are until a couple of days before the wedding. I must say this is when working with a custom invitation designer comes in handy, as one of my own brides last week decided a few days before her wedding that she too needed some of those "little details" thankfully I was able to provide them for her without delay.

The next email was about what she needed......they were having a Candy Bar for all the guest so she would need a table sign for that glittered, she also wanted 16 candy tags to put on all the jars and of course coordinating stickers to put on the bags. A set of Mr and Mrs signs glittered to be hung on the couples chairs completed the order. A few electronic proofs later, Jens order was done and ready to be picked up on Thursday!

This Thursday morning I checked my email as I do every morning and I had one from Jen asking if I could "PERFORM A MIRACLE."  Next up, 12 table numbers glittered, a special separate sign glittered for the couple because they were having a sweetheart table, a sign for the the photo booth glittered and a sign for the guest book yes, you guessed it, glittered. Jen still picked her order up today......she is what you call an EXCEPTIONAL WEDDING VENDOR.......and I am honored to be one her "PROFESSIONAL PEEPS" that she can turn to.  I look at these photos and LOVE how everything turned out..........this brides "little details" were anything but last minute.


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