Saturday, July 10, 2010

The GORMAN coming to town!

It's becoming very popular now for families to have ONE birthday party for all of their children rather than one for each. All the Gorman kids were born in the month of August so having a joint party was perfect. The idea for a carnival theme was brilliant based on the age range of children that would be coming. I was given full control of what the design would be as long as the color scheme was red and blue and it contained absolutely NO CLOWNS......Liam is afraid.....can't say I blame him either.

The main backing card was a red matte card stock called Geisha, the invite was printed on White Linen and the envelope was a stunning blue matte card stock called Aruba. Now that I had the card stocks picked out it was time to decide on the other elements. I knew I wanted to have some sparkle to the invite and felt the flags represented the carnival theme well and would look fabulous glittered. Next up was finding two fonts a carnival style and a more simpler one to compliment it. By having the text of the invite all parallel and mixing the two fonts it creates an element of design that works but is not over powering. I continued the use of the two fonts for the return address on the envelope as well as the optional custom address printing for the front of the envelope.

I had so much fun designing this invitation not only because I have always wanted to do a carnival theme but also because the clients were the GORMANS. This fabulous family consists of dad Joe, mom Krista, big brother Liam, twins Ryan & Anna.....oh and last but not least Greta the dog. If you read my blog then you know I consider it an honor to be a part of people's life moments, this has never been more true. Before Krista was the wife to one and mom to three she was my friend. I've known her now for twenty years and have been a part of many of her life moments not as a designer but always as a friend. It was an honor that she asked me to play both roles this time around:) So to you Krista, it's been a long road with many good memories and plenty of scary photos!


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