Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012...I have high hopes for you!

First of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and to THANK all my past and present clients for allowing me to design for and be a part of their cherished events. One of my ultimate discoveries of 2011 was Pinterest this site allows you to make electronic inspiration boards......I LOVE it because when it comes to designing the first thing I always do is research and Pinterest makes it so easy. If you have never used it I recommend you will change your life. I have countless PIN BOARDS (click link to view) and one of my favorites is my INSPIRATIONAL BOARD. I'm a sucker for "inspirational quotes" and though I have so many favorites I will only share one which ironically I found this very morning. Steve Jobs know him, love him, hate him, he is a major source of inspiration for me. The first computer I ever used was an APPLE and honestly it's the only computer I have ever used. I was a follower/fan of Apple before it was COOL to be. So this quote from Steve Jobs is my favorite for 2011 it gives HOPE to all the individuals who are or did pursue a road less traveled for their career. It's not easy to make what you LOVE doing a career but if you CAN and DO....what a rewarding feeling it is. I have been on this road for 4 years now and are slowly making my way there, questioning myself everyday if it was the right decision. More often than not I know it was the right move for me, so I keep going having faith that it will get better and grow a little more with every NEW YEAR.

I have some EXCITING NEWS I would like to a designer I meet and work with a lot of other talented professionals, quite a few have been featured in my blog postings as I'm a firm believer in spreading VENDOR LOVE. I love designing and are always looking for anything that will help me grow and make me a better designer. Last February I was invited to do a wedding workshop with Gregory Costa-Saint John owner of FLOUER which is where I first met Jen Hansen owner of Gracious Events Management in just ten short months I've worked with Jen on quite a few events and a few weeks ago received an early Christmas present.....Jen asked if I would come on board with her company part-time to work events and to handle the DESIGN needs for Gracious Events and their clients.....of course I said YES. This opens a whole new world for a designer it's rare that I am at the venues for the invitations I designed. Seeing the inside as well as meeting and working with the other vendors involved will not only give me new ideas and vision but essentialy make me a better designer. Nothing will change with BeeCustom Design or how I operate I am just increasing my experience and are so excited to pass it along.

Last night was my first REAL event working for Gracious Events......and I will say there is nothing like working an event for the FIRST TIME EVER that you came on board one week prior, that it's a large wedding, on New Years Eve, the venue Spring Step consists of 4 levels, which all needed to be set and flipped in a very short amount of time. It was the fastest 6 hours I have ever spent working and LOVED every minute of it. It's INCREDIBLE to see how a wedding comes together from the ground up and I have such an appreciation for the amount of work it takes. Below are some photos I took of the wedding......ENJOY:)

VENUE: Spring Step in Medford, MA
EVENT PLANNER: Gracious Events Mangement, Newburyport MA
FLOWERS: Flouer, Woburn MA


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